New painting series: Traffic

We are proud to present Ronald’s new 2020 art series: ‘Traffic’ . This beautiful series is characterized by graphic shapes in contrasting colors. Ronald has built up each painting from many layers of acrylic paint. The different color layers are still partly visible, which gives the painting wonderful depth.

Part of the collection is available including wooden box frame. Keep an eye on the website, because this series will be supplemented in the near future.

With Traffic you can clearly see how Ronald’s style has developed over time.

I often build on what I’ve made before. The “Traffic” series is actually like “High Rise”, but with round shapes. “Crossing Border” has also been a source of inspiration for Traffic.

Ronald Hunter


Dutch artist Ronald Hunter

The Dutch artist Ronald Hunter (1973) specializes in abstract and modern paintings. Before Ronald made the step to become a full-time artist, he worked for years as a graphic designer. As a result of this background, Ronald’s colourful, vibrant paintings have a distinctly graphic style. He finds inspiration mainly in layers of street posters, which create their own abstract compositions of colors and shapes when placed on top of each other and torn off in urban spaces.

In fact, Ronald strives to achieve this effect in his paintings through multiple layers of paint and texture and through the use of typography. Each piece is therefore unique from the next and evokes its own atmosphere through color, texture and sense of depth.

His work is mainly intended to bring this atmosphere to the surrounding space and to create an atmosphere of energy or tranquility, depending on the artwork.

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Art from Ronald Hunter

Buying art online: The benefits

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