Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist

Ronald Hunter is a fulltime independent Dutch artist, best known for his large colorful abstract art.

Ronald With one of his portrait pop art paintings

a Little bit about me?

As a former graphic designer turned independent artist, I have found freedom in creating my own art. Over the past 10 years, I have explored various forms of art, ultimately finding my passion in painting. Drawing from my background in graphic design, my artwork often includes elements of graphic art and typography.

Ronald continuously experiments with new techniques, and his ideas come to him throughout the day. His graphic design background serves as a significant source of inspiration for his artwork.

“ I just create shapes and colors on a canvas, the viewer ultimately determines what he sees “

Ronald Hunter

The artist Ronald Hunter

Ronald particularly enjoys creating abstract paintings, who are accessible art for everyone to understand and use. No extreme excesses or negative images.

In addition to abstract art, he has a fascination for Pop Art, the boldness and ability to transform everyday objects into entirely new contexts is what he appreciate about it. Although I do not consider myself a Pop Artist like Warhol or Koons, their work inspires me.

My Pop Art collection

The Pop Art collection created by Ronald features typographic portraits with bright neon colors. Attention is given to achieving a balanced color palette, and various typography sizes are utilized to shape the background. Neutral faces are intentionally used to allow viewers to concentrate on the interplay between colors, shapes, and the face. The utilization of lines to enhance the overall experience of the artwork is intriguing, as it blurs the boundary between shapes and the face.

Ronald Hunter in front of a painting


While I take inspiration from graphic design, I rarely use a computer to create my artwork. Instead, I like to begin with the first layers of paint and texture, allowing the image to grow organically. My paintings are recognized for their numerous layers, with colors appearing underneath each other, providing ongoing discovery for viewers over time. I work quickly in multiple layers, using acrylic paint for its fast-drying properties.

In summary, as an independent artist with a graphic design background, I create abstract and Pop Art paintings with versatile layers of color and texture. My artwork is open to various interpretations, and I strive to create balance and intrigue through my use of typography and neutral faces.

Sold in 58 Countries

Ronald Hunter’s artwork has been bought by agencies, shops, and private residences around the globe, including in the USA, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and Europe. His paintings have found homes in 58 countries and counting, making his reach truly international. Below is a list of countries where you can find a Ronald Hunter painting.

  • 1- Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2- Australia
  • 3- Austria
  • 4- Bahrein
  • 5- Barbados
  • 6- Belgium
  • 7- Bermuda
  • 8- Canada
  • 9- Cayman Islands
  • 10- China
  • 11- Colombia
  • 12- Croatia
  • 13- Cyprus
  • 14- Czech Republic
  • 15- Denmark
  • 16- Esland
  • 17- Finland
  • 18- France
  • 19- Germany
  • 20- Guernsey
  • 21- Greece
  • 22- Groot Brittanie
  • 23- Hong Kong
  • 24- Iceland
  • 25- India
  • 26- Israel
  • 27- Ireland
  • 28- Italy
  • 29- Japan
  • 30- Jersey
  • 31- Luxembourg
  • 32- Mexico
  • 33- Malaysia
  • 34- Mozambique
  • 35- The Netherlands
  • 36- New Zealand
  • 37- Norway
  • 38- Poland
  • 39- Portugal
  • 40- Russia,


  • 41- Roemenië
  • 42- Qatar
  • 43- Schotland
  • 44- Singapore
  • 45- Slovenië
  • 46- Slovakia
  • 47- South Korea
  • 48- Spain
  • 49- Sweden
  • 50- Switzerland
  • 51 Taiwan
  • 52- Turkey
  • 53- United Arab Emirates
  • 54- United States
  • 55- Uzbekistan
  • 56- Vietnam
  • 57- Wales
  • 58- South Africa.

Ronald Hunter artist: “I am continuously developing my style, hopefully keeping it interesting for you to come back for another visit! Don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you for your interest hope you like it.”

Creating large abstract paintings for affordable prices.

Ronald Hunter

At work